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Be a Blessing

You can never speak of the victory unless you have experienced what it takes to get there!

This is author Gloria Sua’s sentiment she makes heard through her book, Be a Blessing. When she first started writing this book, she initially wanted to expose and hurt the people who inflicted pain and suffering on her once-young and innocent life. She wanted everyone to know the ugliness she had endured through being molested and raped, which pushed her to nearly throw her life away on a suicide Monday.

One glorious day, though, God’s grace found her! It’s a journey and remarkable transformation from being bound by so much negativity and rage to someone now at liberty through the Word of God. God empowered her life to be blessed so that she can speak on what it is to Be a Blessing. Her story now does not reflect the hurt and the pain but the gain of accepting God in her life!


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Be Whatever It Takes!

Author Gloria Sua was once an individual with a lot of hate and anger but God has changed her heart and filled it with his love. In her new book, Be Whatever It Takes!, she imparts to readers the gift of inspiration and courage to believe in God and in themselves by sharing her personal journey.

This book is a story that portrays the analogy of a once scared and broken young woman that wanted to quit on life until God intervened and turned her mess into a message of hope, a caterpillar that later transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

“In fully understanding the Word of God and allowing it to change me from the inside out, I have come to realize that I speak passionately not as much as a motivational speaker but someone who speaks the truth,” Sua says.


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Be Excellent

Society stipulates that you cannot do this or that, that you’re not smart enough, that you’re not good enough, or that you are not the right fit. But through whose focal point are we looking to see who we really are?

Through the series of events in the history of my life, this is my story of courage, will, and strength. Although kicked down and stricken with many illnesses and challenges, there is always a fight in you. If we want something different to happen in our life, we will have to be willing to do something different to get it!

Here’s the thing—we live on borrowed time. The excellent creator whom orchestrated our success story didn’t just put us on this earth without guidance. He has gifted mankind with a blueprint that will take work in obedience to obtain it. Success is spelled W-O-R-K!

When we state that God is excellent, how then do we show that he is? It is only by how we “live” our life. In Be Excellent, author Gloria Sua shares insights on how to transform your life in accordance to God’s greater design.


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At My Weakest! I Am Strongest!

2020 was a challenging time for the entire world due to an ugly man-made pandemic that struck everyone and caused a major shut down on humanity like no other in history. These incidents push individuals to stand tall or give up. This book is my personal story of how faced with such misfortunes in landing in the hospital with a virus that speedily entered my bloodstream and caused my system to begin to fail me. A fight to overcome and an understanding that when push comes to shove it is time to PUSH. Pray Until Sovereignty Happens. Pray until God shows up!

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